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We fearlessly manage large scale corporate tradeshows, craft custom marketing campaigns, and work tirelessly to deliver inspiring branding, thought-provoking creative, and brave event ideas. Freemind is a different kind of marketing agency, bred from a generation that undeniably personifies the “X” – exasperating, exaggerative, ex-Microsoft, X-Files. With over 30 years in the biz and an office at the corner of coffee, airplanes and technology, we’ll help put your customers first, so you can connect with them and elevate your brand in cool and unusual ways.

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Corporate Event Management

Your event, our focus. Events come with a massive amount of detail, and we handle it all – full strategy development, tradeshow buildouts, planning & logistics, and post event analysis – we do it all with care, creativity and confidence. Let us help you with your next event.


Marketing Communications

Anyone can deliver a message, but does it mean anyone is listening: We’ve done it all from sleek videos, crazy marketing stunts, full blown campaigns, and social media strategy – we push the envelope every time to make sure your voice will be loud and clear.


Small Businesses and Artists

We’re an advocate for small businesses and artists – with our exclusive “Mind Your Business” marketing package designed to get the ball rolling with logos, messaging framework, websites, and product shots we’ll get you ready to become a household name!

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Melissa for over a decade, during which she was a key partner to me as an event manager and marketing campaign manager. Melissa and her team bring a wealth of experience, drive, creativity, wisdom, and fun to every project they take on. The team is equally strong in their strategic thinking, people leadership, and on-the-fly, in-the-moment-where-it-counts judgment. Freemind is my first and only go-to when my organization needs heavy lifting with limited resources - the results are always far in-excess of my expectations.”

Ken Rosen | Sr. Director of Product Management, INFRAGISTICS

“The Freemind team are one in a million. Everyone is a visionary, a brilliant strategist, and amongst the hardest-working professionals I've ever met. Melissa also happens to be one of the very best people with whom I've had the good fortune of working with over the past 11+ years. She's a superstar, they all are.”

David Traina | President, TRAINA DESIGN

“I have witnessed the Freemind team make great use of their interpersonal skills and creative energy to operate very successfully while working with a large organization like ours. They are very intelligent, quick to grasp surroundings (people and environment), assess situations, and make forward-moving decisions that are strategic and instrumental to achieving objectives. Moreover, everyone on the team is confident and persuasive, and great at securing approvals and building relationships for long-term success.”

Veronica Sopher | Sr. Marketing Communications Manager, MICROSOFT

Certified Minority Business Enterprise

Approved Microsoft Vendor

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