Your ticket is bought, your hotel is booked, and you are about to leave for a trade show! Are you all set? We at Freemind have done this a few times, as exhibitors and attendees, so we have a few tips for you to make sure you have a great time on the show floor.

  • Wear a different pair of shoes everyday:
    • If you wear the same shoes while you are on your feet everyday of the show, you’ll get fatigued faster and your entire body will hurt later. Do yourself a favor and switch up your footwear daily to make sure your feet don’t fail you later. Also, have some shoes that are for the transit to and from the Trade Show. Flip-flops are a perfect choice because they are slim and easy to pack in a purse or bag.
  • Bring a portable phone charger:
    • Not all trade shows offer power at your booth or charging stations around the show floor. A small, portable battery pack that can fit in your purse or bag can save your life when you are trying to order an Uber back to your hotel.
  • Stay hydrated:
    • Water is so important! Make sure to have a reusable water bottle on you to fill up when you need. You may not have access to disposable bottles or cups and dehydration is no fun.
  • Wear Layers:
    • Trade shows in the summer months may be difficult to dress for. Sweltering outside but the AC indoors is freezing? Layers are your friend! A lightweight sweater or jacket to wear indoors, but isn’t too bulky to carry outside when you arrive and leave for the day is ideal.
  • Don’t Forget Snacks:
    • You may be stuck in your booth or running around all day. Have some snacks that give you a healthy boost like mixed nuts or an energy bar in your purse or bag for when you need to push your lunch break (or dinner) back another 15 minutes.

There you have it, the best tips for a successful, and less-stressful, trade show experience. Don’t forget to have fun and make connections!

If you need any help from our Trade Show and Marketing experts, drop us a line at, we can’t wait to work with you!