This week’s Freemind Friday falls on the day after Thanksgiving and the day before Small Business Saturday.

Both of these special days have got the Freemind Team feeling pretty blessed and thankful- so here’s a short list of a few of the biggest reasons, as a company, we have to be thankful this year.

  1. An awesome team– Not to brag, but we’ve created one of the best teams of hardworking and creative professionals. We’ve cultivated a great culture where each of us feel empowered to bring new ideas to the table.
  2. The best support system– Anyone who has owned or worked for a small business knows it’s a family affair. We’re immensely grateful for the behind the scenes support from our wonderful husbands, wives, children, parents, and friends.
  3. Clients that make us excited to go to work every day– We love the diversity in personality and industry among our clients. We love being involved in the new and interesting projects that our clients bring to us.

Long story short we’re super lucky and thankful for everyone we work with. So thank you coworkers, family and clients for making the Freemind dream happen. Happy Thanksgiving and Small Business Saturday! Comment below and let us know what you’re thankful for.