The Freemind team is hiring for a contract event coordinator position and that’s got us thinking about the personal and professional traits that make a successful planner. We’re grateful to be able to work alongside some of the best professional event managers in the industry. While the “perfect planner” probably doesn’t exist, we have identified a few of the common traits we find among those who we regard as the best of the best.

  1. Time Management Skills: Events are all about doing more with less. Event managers often face short lead times and have very little room for error. This is especially true onsite at events when planners must strategically use the little time they have to fix issues behind the scenes.
  1. Excellent Communication and Personal Skills: The success or failure of events often hinges on the ability of the people involved to be on the same page. Great event managers may worry that they are over-communicating but continue to do it anyway to make sure the job gets done correctly. 
  1. Attention to detail but the ability to see the big picture: Many event planners consider themselves “Type A” or use the term “OCD” to describe themselves. While attention to detail is super important we also must learn to let go of the small stuff in order to focus our resources on ensuring the overall event objectives are met. 

       1. A calm sense of Urgency:  People who exhibit this trait are able to efficiently solve big problems because they identify                       when to take action immediately while remaining calm as to not exacerbate the issue.