Seldom talked about but widely used, the one sheet for a musician is no different than a sales sheet for a business, or fundraising collateral for a non-profit organization. It’s a concise, aesthetically on-brand presentation of the what-you-need-to-know details for retail, press, radio and whomever else may be a target recipient. The best one-sheets understand where they’re going and who they’re directed at and again, they’re concise. Remember the individuals reading them likely won’t have time to read your bio, your past discography AND the goodies about your new release so pick the main points and roll with it.

Your one-sheet should be impactful and free of “fluff” and overly descriptive words or phrases such as (amazing vocal riffs, magical ambiance, poised to take the music world by storm). Those phrases, while exciting to the artist actually say nothing at all to the end user. Now, if a reputable source called your vocal riffs amazing – have at it! Quote them and throw it in the one sheet. If a reputable executive believes you’re actually going to take the music world by storm ask for permission to use that quote as well. If not, stick to the facts.